Meet the crypto native people
behind the success story of Dialectic

Portrait Ryan Zurrer

Ryan Zurrer

One of the top performing venture investors of the last decade.

Early investor in Ethereum, MakerDAO, Filecoin, Cosmos, Rari Capital, Dfnity, Avalanche, Solana, Near, and many others. Day 1 liquidity provider in Curve, Synthetix, Axie Infinity, YGG,
and many others.

Served as Director at the Web3 Foundation and played a pivotal role in the launch of Polkadot, a multi-chain platform that enables different blockchains to interoperate. Also led the
private sale of Polkadot's native token, DOT.

Dean Eigenmann

Co-Founder, Partner

Audited contracts holding billions of dollars worth of assets. Helped launch Vac, a research group focusing on messaging protocols. Joined ENS early-stage as a core developer.

Dieter Fishbein


Crypto-native builder, seasoned investor and cryptographer. Previously led business development at Polkadot (Web3 Foundation) and worked at top Canadian investment firms including a CAD 10B pension/endowment fund.

Ozan Polat


Crypto-native investor with a strong entrepreneurial background. Previously founded i.a. one of Switzerlands leading technology hubs and a think tank focussing on future studies.

Cristina Marao

Chief Legal Officer

Long track-record serving global clients in crypto with a specialization in contracts and legal structuring for token-enabled projects.

Alessandro Buser

Chief Technology Officer

Crypto-native builder. Core Open-Source contributor to various projects. Former consultant and quantitative analyst.

Sven Schräder

Chief Financial Officer

Brings wealth of experience in finance and operations of international funds with long track-record in Switzerland and EEA.


Managing Director, 1OF1

Cultural entrepreneur and curator. Previously co-founded Switzerland’s largest provider for creative work spaces.

Antonio Della Porta

Senior Software Engineer

Crypto-native builder and engineer with a strong track record in DeFi.
Passionate for education, he has created several blockchain development courses and has delivered them to thousands of crypto newcomers.