Atelier is Dialectic’s in-house software development company.

The Atelier team develops the tooling and software to support the Dialectic SPs. Atelier also focuses on quantitative research and thought leadership regularly publishing research posts and articles on various technical and crypto-economic topics.


Automated analytics & compounding tools

Medici is our cutting edge yield farming automation system. It greatly improves efficiency and security of our yielding activities. All positions deployed through Medici benefit from real-time 24/7 security coverage and monitoring by both our internal systems and third party alert providers.

Medici combines off-chain automation with on-chain execution, giving us the highest benefits of security and agility.

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Our team focuses on research topics related to yield farming and risk management. We research technology problems such as secure execution of on-chain automation, protocol design, token-economics and decentralised financial primitives.

Our long standing experience as users, LPs and investors of a large number of protocols has given our team a strong expertise in assessing and analysing security, sustainability and efficiency of a variety of decentralised financial protocols. While a lot of the findings are proprietary and used to maintain the edge we have in the market some of our insights are published on our public editorial.

1OF1 Collection

Sucessfully Spun-Out
NFT optimized yielding

1OF1 collaborates with forward thinking artists and institutions by collecting, contextualising and supporting art of the digital age. Founded on the belief that the digital means are carving out unprecedented avenues for artistic expression, we've dedicated ourselves to identifying and preserving the defining 21st-century artworks that stand as beacons of this new era. We empower our artists actively with tailor made collaborative projects, while tackling challenges that are native to digital first collecting.

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Project Blanc

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MEV searching and extraction

Project Blanc is a pure MEV searching and extraction company. Founded by Dialectic Co-Founder and long-time Ethereum ecosystem contributor Dean Eigenmann, it develops cutting edge and MEV strategies on multiple EVM chains.

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