Medici combines off-chain automation with on-chain execution; it has four main functions

Defensive MEV

Medici monitors and predicts future on-chain states. If Medici detects a threat, large price movement or other unexpected state-change, assets are withdrawn swiftly and safely, reducing risk and providing an asymmetric return profile.



Medici autonomously monitors accrued yield and optimally compound the position by liquidating the rewards and redepositing the received liquidity. Our optimisation function includes gas price, price impact, token prices and more. By optimally compounding our position we can maximise the yield captured and reduce negative price impact on the project’s token.

Cross-chain Strategies

We can execute cross-chain arbitrage and delta neutral strategies where positions are hedged and rebalanced across chains. This expands the breadth strategies we are able to execute and to capitalise on high-yield opportunities.

Cross-Chain Strategies


Our data collection and analytics suite provides us with a real-time overview as well as analytics on our portfolio and the protocols we are exposed to. We independently collect data on over 10k DeFi pools, their risk profile and return evolution.