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Erick Calderon, known as Snowfro, created the iconic Chromie Squiggles collection as the genesis work of Art Blocks, his compelling new platform for generative art. For our team at 1of1, generative art combines (1) the artist who composes a set of code, (2) the collector who presses play to mint and (3) an algorithmic platform to produce the work with some element of randomness. These 3 elements combine in a crucible moment like a triumvirate of creative expression whereby a novel artwork is created. Often these works are more personal to the collector because of their role in the process.

Snowfro's founding statement for Squiggles was “This is my signature as an artist”. I really resonated with this concept, that Squiggles are, in fact, an artistic signature. I propose that collectors can use their Squiggles in everyday life as their own signature, thereby living with and using crypto every day.

As we look across the space and note the authentic projects defining the crossover between crypto and digital art, we recognize that Squiggles is an iconic collection representing crypto-native values and innovation. Some collectors use their Squiggles as PFPs or mount a print of their Squiggle on their wall. PFPs and interior decorating are both great ways to realize utility from your art. Nonetheless, we could explore other ways to use these cultural artifacts in other settings.

I kindly posit to the Squiggle community to consider using your Squiggle as your signature, in emails, documents and other opportunities. When you sign a SAFT, email or Docusign with your Squiggle you signal to that young entrepreneur or crypto-native counterpart that you "get it”, that you’re here for crypto-native values, and that you use crypto in your life the same way that using your Punk as your PFP on Twitter conveys a message of being a part of a very special club. They understand that if they ask you a crypto-native question, they are likely to get a thoughtful authentic answer. This social element of collecting has been part of the collecting process for thousands of years.

What about signature forgery? I pose a simple protocol below for using the spectrum of your Squiggle and its orientation to have uniqueness and protection from forgery over time, but I invite feedback on these points:

The screenshot you use as your signature can (should) be a different moment in the spectrum than the standard one shown when someone searches your Squiggle on Art Blocks. If the Squiggle in question has a high colour spread, you will always have that classic Squiggle colour mix independent of the moment you use, which I love.

You can change the orientation of the Squiggle to tilted, vertical, flipped or otherwise for sensitive signatures. If you keep track of what spectrum and orientation you use per time period, it would be challenging for someone to guess the right colour and orientation in the right period and forge your signature. Incidentally, mine happens to have a Z at the top when flipped.

If you have multiple Squiggles, you can toggle between them from time to time or you can exchange your Squiggle periodically.

Finally and most importantly, do note that signature programs such as Docusign use IP, user verification and a timestamp to validate you as the signer and these features are defensible in court and online. I would argue that using a jpeg of your written signature is in no way more secure.

Overall, I would estimate that the risk is quite low and the community support is relatively high. You craft a deep relationship with your art and your community.

Over the coming years, truly original crypto-native art projects will bubble to the top. I am very confident that Squiggles will stand the test of time and be among a short list of seminal projects that pushed the entire digital art and crypto landscape forward. I believe that we will see a migration towards great art and one should choose NFTs and digital art based on deep personal resonance.

It is meaningful for me that my squiggle is my signature. I tip my hat to Snowfro’s founding thesis that “Squiggles are my signature as an artist”. Using my Squiggle as my signature is an important utility function of this historically significant work of art for me and I invite others in the Squiggle community to do the same.

I would like to thank @ArtOnBlockchain, @VonMises14, @rhd0n, @QuickRider0x, @scrptdfntsy & @ozan_yes for feedback on this idea and post as well as @AdamLindemann for parting with his gorgeous PS for my permanent collection (full royalties paid).

Ryan Zurrer

Ryan Zurrer's Squiggle Signature

Founder, Dialectic